About CreedNC

CreedNC sublingual strips are the result of over ten years of innovation by a dedicated team of scientists, chemists, and engineers who helped developed the first oral thin breath strips. Now, we’ve combined our technical expertise with our patented sublingual THC and CBD nanotechnology to bring CreedNC strips to life. Delicious, discrete and fast-acting, CreedNC strips are the perfect product for adults who want to consume with discretion anytime, anyplace, anywhere. 

Our strips are created in California under strict manufacturing, packaging, and quality control protocols. 

CreedNC strips marry innovation, cannabinoids, and specially-formulated nutraceuticals to deliver optimum results.  Use CreedNC strips to enhance the quality and enjoyment of life!

Commitment to quality

CreedNC tests our products throughout the manufacturing process to ensure their quality and compliance. The final formulas are tested for cannabinoids, pesticides, terpenes, microbiological and residual solvents.