Sublingual Strips

Our CBD strips are infused with cannabinoid compounds found in hemp (cannabis sativa) and specially-formulated terpenes scientifically to match the experience of well-known and specific strains. Our strips are made in the United States and licensed under the protection of U.S. Patent Nos. 10,265,362 and 10,632,164.

Our products are convenient and discrete, and can be used anytime, any place, and anywhere. How do they work? Simply place the strip on your tongue, and let it dissolve. That’s it!

Our proprietary technology delivers faster, better and more consistent dosing than any other sublingual product on the market. And our consumer quality benchmarks—including taste, flavor profiles, packaging, exact dosing, bioavailiabity, and dissolvability—are much higher than any other similar delivery system.   Using these superior elements, our strips are built for activating the key cannabis compounds in our formulas fast and effectively.

The Technology

We are a sublingual strips technology company first…which distinguishes the quality of our products from cannabis sativa strips companies attempting to manufacture gel suspension products like strips.

  • The technology we use, much of it patented or under patent applications, is based on new patented technology in the cannabis industry.
  • We use patented permeability technology to provide faster onset of CBD into the bloodstream sublingually (10 to 15 minutes). This distinguishes us from other strips and tinctures which claim sublingual bioavailability, but actually must be swallowed and as a result perform like a hemp or cannabis-infused edible (45 minutes to 2 hours).
  • We use patented nano-emulsion technology, which ensures consistent dosing and increased bioavailability every time, as well as unsurpassed taste profiles and flavor masking with multiple flavor options. Ours are unlike any other sublingual product to enter the market.
  • Our strips are individually packaged in patented protective medically-sealed foil technology for improved shelf-life and convenient use and storage.

Pure Goodness

Unsurpassed Bioavailablity and Effectiveness