instant cbd strips

PASSION by CreednC

A 10 mg CBD strip is formulated to deliver an euphoric feeling and increasing the sensuality of the sexual experience. Scientifically designed to the following Mood Specific terpenes and natural nutraceuticals: 

  • Myrcene -acting in synergy with the cannabinoids from hemp (cannabis sativa) resulting in a sedative effect to aid in relaxing muscles 
  • β-Caryophllene – stress relief
  • Limonene – supports sex drive and mental focus  
  • Farnesene – Stress reducing
  • LinaloolMood enhancement
  • α-Humulene –Anti-inflammatory
  • Proprietary Blend of Epimedium, Yohimbe, Tribiulus, and Rhodiola
    • Epimedium extract is used in traditional Chinese medicine to turbo-charge the sexual drive.
    • Yohimbe has been used in traditional medicine West Africa as an aphrodisiac.
    • Rhodiola – In Russia and Scandinavia Rhodiola has been used for centuries to cope with the cold Siberian climate and stressful life.

Each 10mg strip is packaged in an individual sealed foil pouch

Ten strips come in each discrete, sleeve packet

Fits perfect in pocket, purse, wallet, or phone case

Sublingual Technology ensures a precise dose every time 

Increase Your Sensuality